Spider Veins Treatment

KNOWN AS “Sclerotherapy” in the medical world, injecting spider veins is a popular treatment from which many can benefit.

Imagine putting on a pair of shorts or a skirt and NOT having your eyes automatically train their gaze directly on the purple cluster of unsightly veins behind or around your knees, your ankles, or the outside of your thighs. Imagine if they were just…..gone!

This procedure entails an injection of a sclerosing medication which, when injected into or around a vein, causes an inflammatory response, leading to destruction of the vein wall, ultimately causing that vein to collapse on itself and be reabsorbed by your body.

The cost of treatment is based on the amount of time it takes to inject all your veins, which is estimated during your consultation. All prices include two injection sessions – generally required for complete reabsorption of the culprit veins – and are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart from each other. Following the procedure, you must wear compression stockings and refrain from exercise of any kind, traveling or sitting for long periods of time for one to two weeks. Smaller veins (often visible on the surface of the skin) usually shut down within five to seven days while larger, deeper, “feeder” veins can take up to eight weeks or longer to shut down.

Common side effects of this procedure include mild to moderate swelling and tenderness around the injection sites, redness around the veins with an appearance similar to hives, and an appearance of bruising around the injection areas. This resolves with time and is very tolerable, according to most clients.

If you have unsightly spider veins and are ready to finally say goodbye to them, contact BoDHI Aesthetics and Wellness today for a FREE consultation to discuss a treatment plan.

15 minute Session   $299

30 minute Session   $499

60 minute Session   $799

Clients are responsible for purchasing compression stockings from a local pharmacy prior to their first treatment. These are worn during the day for 1-2 weeks.

Although the veins that are injected usually respond well to treatment, some veins will take longer than average to shut down and may become discolored and tender for a longer, sometimes permanent, period. Treatment outcomes are not guaranteed and refunds are not provided once services have been provided.