Skin Peels

A CHEMICAL PEEL is an umbrella term for any chemical that is applied to the skin for the purpose of created a controlled burn of the skin with the purpose of sloughing the outermost layers, thereby removing dead cells, stimulating collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production, healing minor scars, minimizing pigment issues, and improving tone, texture and elasticity. At Bodhi Aesthetics & Wellness, we offer chemical peels for every skin type and color ranging from mild-to-moderate peels to medical grade peels designed to completely resurface the skin.

Our collection of mild-to-moderate strength chemical peels are manufactured by ENVIRON DermaConcepts and are considered “Cool Peels”, meaning that, unlike many “old school” traditional peels, they don’t cause a severe burning sensation when applied. Application is driven by the client’s sensation throughout the appointment process and are never intended to cause significant discomfort.

ViPEEL is a collection of medical grade chemical skin peels developed by leading dermatologist, Dr. A.F. Kalil. ViPeel combines the best qualities of traditional chemical peels with what we now know our skin needs to truly heal and regenerate itself. Unlike traditional chemical peels (that operated on the “no pain no gain” principle), these peels are virtually painless, thanks to an ingredient called Phenol. Furthermore, these are the only medical-grade chemical peels that are safe for ALL skin types and colors. The ViPeel collection offers a range of peel solutions specifically formulated to treat acne, melasma, sun damage, precancerous skin lesions, scarring, various hyperpigmentations (color changes), fine lines and wrinkles, or any combination of these. Additionally, because these peels penetrate all the way to the epidermis, they literally heal the skin from the inside out, stimulating collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid, leaving your skin looking bright, tight and beautiful!

At BoDHI Aesthetics and Wellness, we will assess your skin condition, while taking your greatest concerns and goals into account, to help you choose the most appropriate peel for your needs. In some cases, a series of peels is needed to attain optimum results, in which case a personalized quote will be provided.

If you want to see results quickly (within usually less than a week), with little to no pain–or if you are scared of needles and can’t do injectables like Botox or Xeomin–we highly recommend you try one of the ViPeel solutions. Our clients tell us it is one of the ways they treat themselves to “self care” on a regular basis.

ENVIRON Derma Concepts**

        TCA   $115

        Lactic Acid   $115

        Vitamin C   $99


        Original (ideal for maintenance purposes up to 4 times per year) $299

        Precision (ideal for sun damaged skin, fine lines/wrinkles) $349

        Precision Plus (ideal for significant pigment issues, scarring, deeper wrinkles) $399

        Purify (ideal for active acne sufferers WITHOUT scarring) $280

        Purify with Precision Plus Booster (ideal for active acne sufferers WITH scarring) $330

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