MICRONEEDLING utilizes a medical needling pen that holds a sterile cartridge containing 12 micro-needles. Using a liquid medium such as a vitamin rich compound, hyaluronic acid serum or your own blood plasma (Vampire Facial) applied to the skin, the needle cartridge glides across the surface of the skin moving up and down rapidly, creating micro-channels in the skin which stimulate collagen, elastin and our own body’s hyaluronic acid. The treatment plumps the skin, smooths lines and wrinkles, increases tone, improves texture and heals discolorations, scars and other unsightly skin ailments.

Down time, typically, is 12-24 hours with your skin appearing to be sunburned and tight. Some experience a light, flaky peeling of the skin for 3-5 days after the procedure. Medical-grade microneedling can be performed every two to four weeks. Frequency may be limited by certain topical medications and skin care regimens.

Microneedling with Hyaluronic Acid

        Face $199

        Face/Neck $249

        Per Body Area $299**

Microneedling with VitaPack Compound & Hyaluronic Acid

        Face $299

        Face/Neck $349

        Per Body Area $399**

For more information and pricing on microneedling using your own blood plasma – known as a Vampire Facial –  (click here).

**A “body area” is considered any area measuring approximately 8″x11″ (the same size as a piece of printer paper)