Carboxxy Therapy

Fairly new to the US (FDA approved in 2015), CARBOXXY THERAPY is taking the world by storm for its aesthetic benefits. Initially it was used in the States to treat soft tissue growths. In France, carboxxy originated in the 1930s as a treatment of poor circulation of the legs and wounds often associated with the condition.

Although this therapy is still used as an adjunct treatment for various medical conditions, its usefulness in the treatment of cellulite, stretch marks, overall skin regeneration and a number of other aesthetic concerns has gained popularity in recent years.

The procedure involves medical grade carbon dioxide (CO2) being injected just under the skin using a small needle. The gas causes the skin layers to separate and localized blood circulation to increase stimulating a “healing” process to begin and regeneration to ensue. It also causes localized destruction of fat cells and stimulates collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid production, tightening and toning skin in the process. This treatment requires multiple sessions to obtain optimum results and is sold in packages of 3 sessions which should, ideally, be performed once per week for 3 weeks, for best outcomes. Once all sessions are completed, we ask that you allow 2 weeks to pass in order to allow the full regeneration process to occur. If you feel further treatment is necessary, an additional package can then be purchased and treatment resumed. Carboxxy is great for treating stretch marks, loose skin, under eye circles/bags, localized fat reduction and contouring, and many other issues associated with aging.

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3 Session Package – $375 **

** Each session includes treatment of one area (i.e.: under eyes, abdomen, butt, etc.). If time permits and you would like to add additional treatment areas, there is a charge of $75 per additional area per session.