Botox | Xeomin | Dysport

BOTOX, XEOMIN, and DYSPORT are all derived from botulinum toxin type A, a neurotoxin protein commonly known as “Botulism.” The toxin works by blocking nerve activity in the muscles, causing a temporary paralysis of the muscles.

Although name brand Botox is the most well-known product on the market, each of the botulinum products Bodhi offers work in the same manner and are equally effective. They only differ slightly in molecular structure due to being manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies. When expertly formulated in a controlled environment, the toxin itself – the dangerous part – is deactivated, making it safe to use for the treatment of medical and cosmetic conditions.

In aesthetics, botulinum toxin type A is injected into the facial muscles to limit dynamic muscle movement, thereby allowing surrounding lines and wrinkles to relax and become less noticeable (and often disappear completely). Botulinum toxins are also injected for some medical conditions and are very effective for some individuals.

Injections are made with tiny needles and most clients find the process fairly painless. The number of units required depends on the specific needs and desires of each client but doses range from 12 to 50 units, on average, depending on the area treated and degree of muscle strength. Before we start any procedure, we assess each client and make recommendations so you are never surprised by the number of injections we will perform. Botox is a way to quickly and easily create a more youthful appearance.

Regular Price: $12 per unit *

Package Price: $10 per unit *

Medical Injections (for the Treatment of Migraine Headaches, Teeth Grinding, or TMJ): $8 per unit **

* Refer to The BoDHI Club membership page to learn more about our discounted member rates launching in late 2017.

** We do not accept insurance for medical injections of botulinum toxin; however, upon request, we will provide an itemized receipt which can be submitted to your insurance company for evaluation and possible reimbursement of some or all of the expense. Payment for services is expected, in full, at the time of service.