Bodhi Aesthetics and Wellness is at Your Service

All of our clients agree: anti-aging and timeless beauty require a commitment to great medical and at-home skin care routines and a healthy body, free of stress and toxins. The best way to realize your anti-aging, wellness and skin care goals is through consistent commitment to a treatment plan created with you in mind.

At Bodhi Aesthetics and Wellness, we realize each of our clients are unique, and that is why our approach is tailored to each individual. When visiting us for the first time, you will enjoy a FREE consultation with one of our expertly trained providers who will explore your concerns, listen to your goals, and discuss the various medical and aesthetic options most appropriate for you. From this session, you will receive medically sound recommendations for a combination of treatments, procedures and/or at-home products, best suited to your specific needs. This will mark the beginning of your journey toward your most beautiful you.

What you choose is up to you; we are but your guide. We invite you to take a moment now to explore our service offerings, dream a little dream, and then let us help you make your vision a reality.

Bodhi Aesthetics and Wellness

Awakening Youth. Defying Age.

Understanding the Brand

Bodhi Aesthetics & Wellness – the brand – is a dynamic concept that continues to evolve based on the needs of our valued family of clients, industry trends, and our goal to become the leading expert in the Central Florida medical spa industry. To that end, our growth has required that we define each aspect of our brand in such a way to clearly illustrate our multifaceted approach to health, beauty and business. What follows is a description of our three main company divisions. You may notice our division logos throughout the service listings. These serve to illustrate for our clients – at a quick glance – which services can be performed within each division.


This division – coming in late 2017 – encompasses the full scope of the Bodhi brand. Designed as a traditional, brick and mortar clinic location, this division of the Bodhi brand will offer a wide range of personal, aesthetic, medical, anti-aging, and wellness services in one, convenient location. When visiting our facility, clients will experience all the Bodhi brand has to offer, from personal services such as massage therapy, eyebrow microblading, and facial services to all of our standard aesthetic injectables; however, beyond the beauty and pampering, we will also offer an incredible line of wellness services such as medical weight loss programs, IV therapies aimed at optimizing wellness, hydration and vitamin therapies for anyone from the informed to elite athletes. Clients will have the added benefit of membership to our exclusive Bodhi Club while also gaining added benefit from our state-of-the-art loyalty programs aimed at showing each of our valued guests our sincere thanks for their patronage. Bodhi Medical will embody the vast breadth of opportunity offered from the beauty and medical industries.


Our founding service line and where our brand was born, our mobile division provides our core injectable aesthetic services, on call to your home, office or locale of choice. The mobile division also operates as an independent contractor to well established businesses in the greater Orlando area as a means of expanding their existing menu of services to include those of medical injectables. Currently, our mobile division operates as a complimentary service; however, beginning Winter of 2017, we will implement the charge of a small service fee for all private visits. This will serve to cover the additional staffing ratios needed in order to service our mobile clients in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


Our exclusive Bodhi Bar is a one-of-a-kind concept that takes skin care to the ultimate height of customization. By visiting any of our in-house or kiosk Bodhi Bars around town, clients will be able to create 100% custom skin care products with the help of our trained Bartenders who carry a broad knowledge base with regard to skin health and the many ingredients the Bodhi Bar offers. Clients simply discuss their skin concerns with our Bartenders who can then assist with formulating a custom skin care product – or line of products – that best addresses each client’s specific needs. Formulations are kept on file, making refills easy and convenient.